Kalahandi district in Orissa has caught the attention of the country as a whole. A rural district, Kalahandi is a hilly forest tract, where civilization is yet to make it's presence felt. The populace is largely tribal. Here death stalks the land. Draughts and epidemics are frequent. Starvation deaths particularly those of children are a common occurrence. Malnutrition and absence of basic elementary medical facilities aggravate the plight of the populace. The efforts of the State and Central Governments notwithstanding, it is obvious that the task ahead in Kalahandi cannot be the sole responsibility of governmental agencies and a concerted effort has to be made by voluntary agencies along with the Government.

Orthodox Syrian Church of India has made a humble beginning in Kalahandi by establishing the Kalahandi Development Projects.


Rev.Fr. G.Thomas is at present the manager of the project.

    The activities of K.D.P. are manifold. To list:


If you want to know more about us please contact

Uditnarayanpur P.O.
(Via) Bhavanipatan
Dist. Kalahandi
PIN - 766 001.
Phone - 0091 6670 231099.